Stuck at "Initializing Translation. Please Wait..."

My office is 2010, but with the other installation nothing seemed to happen so I installed SaveAsDAISY_for_Office2013. The thing is I am able to turn some of my files into DTBooks but not others. The problem is that my study books are in that list. I got my licensing prep book from Kaplan as a pdf. They gave it to me as part of their online course. So I turned it into a word document with UniPDF in order to then turn it into a DTBook with SaveAsDaisy. The thing is that with this book the software freezes at "Initializing Translation. Please Wait..." I even split the book into small parts to see if it was the size of the book and it didn't help.


Here is a link with the first 9 pages of the book:

Apologies for the late response. It seems that our website did not send a notification for this post and it remained unattended.

The dropbox link you sent is not working, please resend some of the files that you are not able to translate with Save as DAISY.

Documents need to be marked up with appropriate styles and then validated before using Save as DAISY. This DAISY translator has strict requirements and without proper markup files may not go through.

Once you send me the files, I will be able to point out the issues which are preventing DAISY conversion.

You may like to have a look at related tutorials and videos on DAISYpedia. In particular do read the article -Text markup guidelines for Save as DAISY.