Charging for converting books


I wanted to know if it is allowed for anyone who converts material into daisy to charge for it?

It all depends upon the legal framework in your country.

For example, in India it is legal to convert any book to DAISY format and distribute to the print impaired. The DAISY producer can recover the cost of DAISY conversion but cannot sell the converted formats on profit.

In many other countries, prior permission from the copyright holder may be essential to convert the published material and open distribution may be restricted.

Thank you for the prompt response.

How can I find out what the legal framework regarding DAISY is in my country?

I was converting university study notes and study guides for a blind friend. the notes we compiled by his lecturer and now the lecturer wants me to convert his study notes to full text full audio for all his blind students and he asked me to send a quote.

I wanted to be sure that i wasn't breaking any laws or doing something wrong.

My country is South Africa

Now I am able to understand your situation better.

You can go ahead and quote any rate for providing conversion services. You are only doing the conversion work and the responsibility of legitimate use of the converted material is on the other person.

And I know that many other organizations are making DAISY books in South Africa. You may like to contact DAISY members in South Africa for guidance. For technical issues do post your questions on this forum.