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I installed the Save As Daisy addIn (32-bit) for Word 2007. But selecting “full daisy from single doc” simply shows the translation process but creates no output files or folders in the machine at my home ; whereas the same process creates two folders named ‘daisy202’ and ‘z3986’ as shown in the Daisy consortium tutorial videos. Why is it so?

Dear Pritam,

Does the translation process complete on your home computer? You should either get a message "Pipeline job is complete" or some other message pointing out errors in the translation process.

If the translation process does not complete successfully then you will not find anything in the output folder.

How long is the document you are translating? Does it have enough heading styles applied in it?

Sometimes the document is very big and the translation process may take hours to complete. If the document is very long but has only few headings then the process may choke as very large audio files need to be created.

Do check up these points and let me know the outcome.


Dear Prashant,
The Translation Process in my office PC proceeds properly by first showing the “Pipeline Job Progress” and then showing “Pipeline Job Completed” status, and creates the two folders ‘daisy202’ and ‘z3986’. Whereas in my home PC, I do not get to see any of these messages or some other message pointing out errors in the translation process. The translation process ends and the folder created remains empty.


Dear Pritam,

It seems there is a problem with the installation of Save as DAISY. Have you tried uninstalling and reinstalling it? This should fix the issue.

If it still does not work, try to check if pipeline lite is present in the path C:\Program Files\Sonata\DAISY Translator\pipeline-lite-ms

If this folder is not there, you may manually copy it from the PC where Save as DAISY is working properly.

I tried uninstalling and installing the Addin several times, but had the same problems. Yes, the folder is already present. But still I replaced it with the one in the working PC, but still I am having the same problems. What do I do?

Please post more details.

1. Operating system details e.g. Windows 7/8 and 32/64 bit.

2. Microsoft Office version and bit

3. Version of Save as DAISY used

4. Default TTS in control panel >> speech


The document which fails to translate


The outcome on using the DAISY XML from Single Docx option.

1. Operating system details - Windows 7 (32 bit)

2. Microsoft Office version and bit - MS Office 2007 (32 bit)

3. Version of Save as DAISY used - Save As Daisy Add-in, version

4. The outcome on using the DAISY XML from Single Docx option - Successfully translates any document and creates a folder having an XML document and a CSS document

I am not able to reproduce this error here. Please send one of the documents you are trying to translate to my email - pverma[at the rate]daisy.org

I installed the “DaisyAddinForWordSetup” for Word 2007, and the operation system is Windows7. I selected defalt installation, while, it showed a dialog which told that "The installer has encountered an unexpected error installing this package. This may indicate a problem with this package. The error code is 2908".

Is there any error with the environment of my PC? Should I do some preparation before installation?

This error could be due to several reasons.

Are you getting this error code while installing any other program too? If yes, then it indicates a problem with the operating system and you will need to repair it.

If you get this error only while installing Save as DAISY please download the installer again and make sure you install in the admin account.

The dot net framework also may need to be repaired.

I only got this error while installing Save as DAISY untill now, and I have checked that I installed in the admin account and tried to remove the software and downloaded the installer again and installed again. While, the error is still the same. I have repaired the Microsoft .Net framework 4 Client Profile and Microsoft .Net framework 4 Extended. I don't know what's the problem.

I have completed the installation of SAVE AS DAISY, and “DAISY Translator” has shown up in my started menu. But I cann't find Accessibility tab on the HOME tab at the top menu of MS office 2007.

Sometimes the add-in gets disabled. Please try the steps given below to enable it.

Press Alt +F to open the menu and click word OPTIONS.

Select ADD-INS and on the right side inside MANAGE select DISABLED ITEMS. and click GO.

If you se DAISY TRANSLATOR in the list, then select it and click ENABLE.

Again open word OPTIONS and now inside ADD-INS > MANAGE > select COM ADD-INS.

If you see DAISY TRANSLATOR in the list, select it (put checkmark) and click OK.

Close and open word and you should now see accessibility in the ribbon.

You may have to repeat the process given above, finally you should be able to enable it.

After I added 'DAISY addin' to the COM ADD-INS list, the office word 2007 crashed! When I opened it again, it warned me to disable DAISY addin. So, how should I do then?

It seems there are some problems in your computer which are preventing DAISY Translator from running properly. The steps described above are generally enough for making it run.

You may like to even re-install Office and try this.

OK, thank you very much, I will try again.