AMIS cannot open books in Windows 8.1


I have installed many new samsung tablet PCs with Windows 8.1
When I install the AMIS program it works perfectly as normal until you open a book, it seems that the program (openings funsjon) runs in a loop and the book never gets opened, what might be causing this? What is the way to go forward for to debug this?
(if u have voice activated it also tells u opening in a forever loop)
I know the books works and are not corrupted.
I have tryed admin mode, and different compatibility modes.
I have checked the logs but there is no errors.
I have cleared cache and so on.

I do also notice the AMIS prossess does not close even if u close the software the normal way.

Please help =)

Running :
Setup-amis31-Norwegian-Bokmaal & sapi51redist

I just confirmed that the problem is not Windows 8.1, Installed it on a Windows 7 Pro and got the same issue, its clearly something I'm doing wrong.

Which version of AMIS are you using?

Make sure you have the latest version. The AMIS download page is

Also make sure that you follow the troubleshooting steps listed here: