Can we collapse or expand navigation content by level?


Hello all,

In navigation panel where showing book sessions and sub sessions, I do not know how to collapse or expand sessions by level. For example,my book has many H2 sessions, each H2 session has some H3 sub sessions and so on. Then the session list is very long. in this case I want to collapse all H2 sessions to go through out main structure by H2 level. Then if I want to see more detail about a session, I can expand it only to know it's sub sessions. This feature should be very convenient for user and it should be appear on all playback software.
How do you think?


In "show session level" menu item (under "navigate" menu), I can see 3 levels: 1, 2, 3. They are default or recommended levels, right?
If my book has 4 or more levels, can I show all session level?

The NAVIGATION menu >> SHOW SECTION DEPTH is for exactly this purpose.

Inside it you will see all the levels available in the book open currently. So, If your book has heading levels till 4 then it in this sub menu you will see 1,2,3 and 4.

If you want to see only heading level 1 in the navigation pane then inside SHOW SECTION DEPTH click on 1. All the sub-sections will be hidden and you will see only heading level 1s.

Try it out.




I understand and tried it. But it is only session showing funtion.
let me give an example.
My book has 5 chapters (h2), each chapter has 10 lessons (H3)
Now I want to navigate to lesson 5 of chapter 4. In this case I will have to access to "navigate" menu, select "show session deep" and choose 3. This action will show all lessons of chapters.
Then I will have to travel from top session (chapter 1) to lesson 5 of chapter 4. With this sequence travel, I will have to go over all lessons of chapter 1, chapter 2, chapter 3 and 4 first lessons of chapter 4. It takes time.
If I can collapse and expand session nodes, then I will:
- collapse all chapters
- Travel to chapter 4 (go over only 3 items)
- Expand chapter 4 and navigate to lesson 5 of this chapter.
This method willl save time and convenient for user.
The session structure should be a session tree, and I think we should be able to collapse or expand a node of tree. This is same as navigation on a HTML help file (.chm).


This feature is currently not available in AMIS.

You can have a look at Dolphin EasyReader which has this feature.

Information about all playback tools is at


Thank you for your advice. I will try Dolphin EasyReader.
For AMIS, this playback software is usually used for demotration in training, so I think this feature should be included in AMIS in future.

Thank so much.