Help with Open Library's DAISY Books


Hi everyone,

We have memberships with Learning Ally, Bookshare, & AccessText Network. Unfortunately, some of our books are not available through these resources and the publishers informed me that we will have to scan the book. I noticed that do have the books available, but I am having difficulties accessing their daisy formatted book. I tried their suggestions with the free daisy readers, but no such luck so far. I have contacted their staff for help.

I tried the Learning Ally and Bookshare software readers, but no luck. I have downloaded AMIS, but it keeps saying the book will not open on each one. I clicked on the daisy file on open library and select open with… AMIS. Here are the books I tried:,

I usually can figure things out, but this one has stumped me. Can anyone give me advice on a free DAISY reader that would work with the Open Library DAISY formatted book?

Thanks, Corinne

I think I figured it out, thanks to a colleague. I was not able to open it because the DAISY file was protected, meaning only the Victor device can access the file.