copy text on AMIS


I'd like to know how I can select and copy text on AMIS main screen.
When I select text by a cursor, it is possible. But which short cut key can I use to select text on AMIS main screen?
Screen reader user in Japan want to select and copy text and check which Chinese characters are used for a word by using detailed reading mode of the screen reader.

Dear Mayu,

When a screen reader like NVDA is being used, you can press CTRL + T to move the focus to the content window in AMIS. It will then be possible to read the book content like a web page using standard text reading commands of the screen reader. You can hold down SHIFT key and then use arrow keys to select text. Then press CTRL + C to copy the text. You can now paste it in any application by pressing CTRL +V.

It is also possible to read the text character by character using left and right arrow keys and therefore it may not be necessary to copy the text only to check spelling.

Note that the screen reder must be supporting the language of the book in order to read it.

You can press CTRL + N to move the focus to the Navigation window i.e. list of sections.

Hope this helps.

Thank you Prashant,
I tried and could check spelling with NVDA. However, when I move to the content window, screen reader will start reading from the beginning of the HTML file.
Any way to check spelling of the highlighted sentence?

Dear Mayu,

You are right, when screen reader focus lands on the html page, it starts reading from the beginning and ignores highlight. It is default behaviour of screen reader.
About 7 years ago I wrote JAWS scripts to read spellings at the highlight position in AMIS. So, if you are using JAWS then you can use these script for reading the spellings. The JAWS scripts should be installed by the AMIS installer itself.

with regards

Thank you Avneesh,
They are not using JAWS but it's good to know that it is possible with JAWS.

Dear Prashant,

I can navigate the content panel with Ctrl + T keys, but how to back TOC (navigation) panel? I tried Ctrl + T again but it can not.

Press CTRL N to go to the navigation panel.

Thank you, I can do it.
I also find some shortcut keys in Help menu, it is useful.

Thanks again.