Amis won't read in Norwegian, only in English



I have successfully downloaded the complete installer on my own computer, and it reads in Norwegian (nynorsk) right after completion of installation, without me having to do anything.

But when I am trying to do the same thing on another computer (also with Windows 7), it won't read in Norwegian, it reads with English pronounciation, which is kind of defeating the purpose of the program.

Any advices, or settings that I might have forgotten to do something about?

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I hope you have downloaded and installed the Norwegian (Nynorsk) complete installer from the page This version of AMIS contains the Norwegian and English language pack.

To change AMIS UI language, open AMIS and then click FILE menu and then click on PREFERENCES.

Near the bottom of the Preferences dialog box you will find the option to change language. Choose Norwegian if it is not already selected.

Further, to read the text AMIS uses a TTS (Text to Speech) voice available on the system. In the PREFERENCES dialog, in the SELECT TTS VOICE list, select a voice which can speak Norwegian.

Click OK and then let us know if this solves the issue.

Done. I have the correct language pack.