Windows 7 and Word 2013

I am unable to create a Daisy book using the add in. It produces the error "please save as word2007" when I attempt to validate the text. I am running 64-bit and yes I have made sure I installed the correct product from the Daisy website. I am using Word 2013 and .rtf files. If this add-in cannot support these programs or file types, can you point me to a Daisy producer that can give me audio from .rtf files.



Dear Bri,

Save as DAISY works with only files in Word 2007 format i.e. files with the extension DOCX.

After opening your RTF file in Word 2013, you may save it as a WORD DOCUMENT (DOCX) format. Just click SAVE AS (F12) and in the SAVE AS TYPE list box choose WORD DOCUMENT (DOCX).

Note that this will not affect your document, you will not lose any content or formatting.

Additionally you should mark up the document using the different styles to provide accessibility and rich navigation to your users. It is highly advisable that you mark-up headings, sub-sections, footnotes etc. with appropriate styles. You can also provide page navigation using either the word pagination or by typing in page numbers and applying PAGE NUMBER DAISY style.

There are a number of tutorials and videos on preparation of the document and use of Save as DAISY in DAISYpedia.

If you do not want to convert the RTF file to DOCX then you may use Dolphin Publisher or Dolphin Converter. These commercial tools can work with RTF files.

Plese feel to write again if you have more questions.


Unfourtunatly even the newest update of Dolphin is not compatible with Word 2013. I use Easy producer because the text file is not important and the audio is all I require. I can only use Easy Producer in Word 2010. Is there any other software that works to produce DTB or just mp3 files from .rtf format documents in Word 2013?

Easy Producer has been updated since and now it is called EasyConverter.

EasyConverter definitely works with RTF files and can create MP3 files and DAISY books. Check out the Easy Converter step-by-step process which includes all input and output formats it works with.

You can however easily get MP3 files from your RTF document using the free Save as DAISY add-in for Word 2013 as I wrote in my previous comment.

Hello, I am unable to use the save as daisy Add-on. I am using Microsoft word 2013 and windows 8.1. Yes, I have downloaded the correct software, and I do not even get the accessability tab in word 2013. Both windows, and word are 64 bit. Any solutions, whether it be for this product, or any other products that will convert word documents to either mp3, or full daisy files?

Sometimes Word disables add-ins. This may be the case on your computer and therefore you are not seeing the Accessibility ribbon.

If Sae As DAISY has installed without any errors then please follow the steps given below.

Click FILE in Word 2013 and then click OPTIONS.

Now in the categories list select ADD-INS and on the right side in the MANAGE list select DISABLED ITEMS.

Click GO and then in the dialog that appears if you find DAISY Translator then enable it.

Again open Options dialog and in MANAGE list select COM ADD-INS.

Make sure there is a checkmark with DAISY Translator and click OK.

Now you should find ACCESSIBILITY in the ribbon.

Hello, I tried it, but the add-on was not listed, is there a direct link to the version that I need?

Please visit the Save As DAISY page - and download the 64 bit or 32 bit installer as you need.

If you have 64 bit Office then you need 64 bit installer of Save as DAISY. The version of operating system does not matter.

I have also tried to copy the direct links which are anyway given on the page mentioned above.

Save as DAISY for 32 bit Office 2013

Save as DAISY for 64 bit Office 2013

I have it installed and running now. Aparently the office 365 version is a 32 bit installation.