main code daisy system


I Would like know if you could make available the main code of the pipeline or pipeline 2 as an object of study for the creation of a new application.
And also like to know if the daisy system exists for the android platform.

Hi guilherme,

Both tools are open source and they're publicly available. The code for the pipeline 2 project is scattered in a bunch of github repositories under the consortium's account:

The repositories that you may want to have a look into are:

The main assembly project (maven based)
The framework and webservice
Xproc utilities used by the conversion scripts
More utilities
The actual scripts and validators
Ruby based command line client:
And web-client:

Feel free to reach us at the pipeline2 developer's mailing list!forum/daisy-pipeline-dev

We don't have any android based client or the like (afik) I guess it would be fairly simple to use the web-ui from the browser though