Creating DAISY books


What are the various softwares available for creating daisy BOOKS?

Dear Pritam, All the DAISY authoring tools are listed here: At present the most popular tools are Obi for creating DAISY TOC only books and Tobi for creating DAISY full text full audio multimedia books. The Save as DAISY add-in for Microsoft Word is also used widely for converting documents to DAISY books. The tools named here are free and open source. Apart from these you can also have a look at Dolphin Publisher and other commercial offerings. You can use the step-by-step tutorials and videos on DAISYpedia to learn the use of these tools. Please feel free to write to us if you need help in using any of the DAISY tools. Prashant

Thanks a lot Prashant. I installed the Microsoft Word Add In for producing DAISY books and followed all the instructions to convert a word document to the DAISY format from the Accessibility menu option, but before completion of the conversion process I get an error mesage saying "An unexpected error occurred, see the details for more information"

Please send the complete error message. I would also like to know the OS, its version 64/32 bit and version of Microsoft Office on your system. Please also let me know which installer of Save as DAISY you have downloaded. thanks, Prashant

The Operating System is Windows 7 32-bit with MS Office 2007. The Daisy addins which I tried are- DaisyInstaller_x86 and DaisyAddinForWordSetup which are both for 32-bit versions.

The details of the error message are as follows-

at org.daisy.pipeline.core.script.ScriptUtils.isXMLValid(
at org.daisy.pipeline.core.script.Creator.newScript(
at org.daisy.pipeline.core.PipelineCore.newScript(PipelineCore.java270)
at org.daisy.pipeline.lite.PiplineLiteCLI.createScript(
at org.daisy.pipeline.lite.PiplineLiteCLI.main(
Caused by: org.daisy.util.xml.validation.ValidationException
at org.daisy.util.xml.validation.SimpleValidator.validate(
at org.daisy.pipeline.core.script.ScriptUtils.isXMLValid(

The Add-In were downloaded from the following links-

I tried installing the Add-Ins in Word 2010 also, but had the same problems.

On selecting the option "Single Daisy from single doc", the document gets converted and the result is an xml file and a css file. How do I use this converted format as a daisy book? What is this meant for?

But the option "Full daisy from single doc" doesnot work showing those error messages

Dear Pritam,
The DAISY XML option in Save as DAISY produces the DTBook fileset. It consists of the text in XML and the images and CSS.
This can be used for convertion to several other formats by tools like the DAISY Pipeline.
You can convert the XML file you have got to a full DAISY book, HTML or even a file suitable for Braille printing using the different transformers in DAISY Pipeline. You may download Pipeline and check out its functions. Tutorials and videos are available at

Save as DAISY actually internally uses components of the DAISY Pipeline. It seems that part of it is not working on your system.
I suspect that Java run time 1.5 or above needed for Save as DAISY is not properly installed on your system.
Please try to update Java

Let me know if this works.


Dear Prashant,
Thanks a lot for your help. The Java installation worked and everything is working fine now. Daisy Pipeline is also working properly. I would like to know as to what difference does it make in creating a Daisy XML first and then using Pipeline, rather than creating a full daisy at the very first place? Thanks a lot once again for the help.

Dear Pritam,
There is no big difference between the two.
If you want to create a full text DAISY book in TTS voice then you may just use the Save as DAISY add-in from Microsoft Word.


Dear Prashant,
I tried creating a daisy book in kurzweil after scanning a document. When I selected File > Utilities > Create Audio Files, I get an error message which says "Does not have an mp3 encoder". This happens when trying to create the Daisy mp3 files, whereas there is no error when creating Daisy wave files. Why is it so? Any remedies?


Hello Pritam,
I am not a user of Kurzweil. however I know that a coder is required to convert the WAV files to MP3.

Please see the following pages and follow the instructions. You should be able to create MP3 files.

Creating MP3 Recordings from Kurzweil 3000 Files

if this does not work then also try this:

I didn't find anything useful from the above two links. My version is Kurzweil 1000 by the way.

Hi Pritam, Cambium Learning Technologies offers free technical support for Kurzweil 1000 and 3000 software: ( Product guides for Kurzweil 1000 are also available on this page: ( You could also try EasyConverter for creating DAISY books: (



Please contact Kurzweil support to get this issue resolved.

All that I can tell you is that as per the Kurzweil 1000 manual it should download the coder if internet connection is available during the compression process.