I don't see text in AMIS but i can hear my recording.


Hey, I have a problem with AMIS, I already record my book in TOBI and export usin the extension .OPF, when open the file in AMIS, appear just the 2 first chapters, the rest of the book ( 3 chapters left) can´t see the text, but in the menu navigate it is the book complete, and when you put click, in the last chapter, for example, you can hear it but can´t look the text.

Can somebody help me?

Please!!! Thanks

Monserrat P.


What I understand from your comment is that you can see only a part of the complete text in AMIS although you can listen to the complete recording.

If the text and audio is not properly synchronized in Tobi then the book may have such problems.

This is unlikely to be an AMIS issue.

In order to troubleshoot this it will be great if you can send the XML file you imported in Tobi along with the final DAISY book for testing. If the book cannot be sent then I will need more information on the process you adopted to create the book.

You may contact me on my email ID pverma[at the rate]daisy.org.


In this moment i send you the information.

I have checked your file and sent my suggestions to your email ID.