How to get more reading voices for AMIS?



could someone explain me how can I get more reading voices for AMIS? At the moment the only one I have is Microsoft Anna. Can you buy them from somewhere? I also would like to know where to get reader voice in finnish, since I'm from Finland. Any advice is appriciated!


Dear Urpo,

AMIS can use any TTS installed on the system to read the DAISY books. First, you will need to install text to speech packages on your computer. Then you can select your favourite voice in AMIS > PREFERENCES.

Have a look at Bitlips, perhaps it has the voices you need:

Acapella also has Finish voices:

You can listen to the voice samples on these websites and then purchase the one you like.



thank you for your reply, also can you tell me is AMIS SAPI 5 -compatible program?


Yes, AMIS uses SAPI 5.1.