Tobi 2.1, DAISY - EPUB 3 conversion (Pipeline 2 integration)


Dear all,

As announced in the DAISY Planet newsletter [1], Tobi 2.1 has just been released!

This version significantly improves support for the Pipeline 2 [2] (also a DAISY open-source tool), which means that Tobi can now effectively be used to test the conversion of DAISY Digital Talking Books to EPUB 3 (Media Overlays) titles. This feature is particularly useful for content producers who would like to try out mainstream EPUB 3 reading systems (such as Readium [3]) whilst continuing to author DAISY 3 (DTBOOK XML) projects. Note that the Pipeline 2 itself is under development, so this feature should be used with caution until the DAISY-to-EPUB3 converters are robust enough.

There is now also a new MSI installer for users who cannot rely on the ClickOnce installer due to the initial requirement of online connectivity. Note that incremental automatic updates are still only available with the ClickOnce installer, so this remains the recommended method to install Tobi.

Various bug fixes and performance improvements are included in this release, please see the change log [4] for more information.


(the Tobi team)