"cannot access a closed stream" error while using Save As DAISY

The following issue was posted by a user:

I'm creating Maths DAISY books from MS Word 2010 with Save as DAISY Add-In. It's a valid document containing Mathtype Equations but when I put it through the translation process I receive the error: "cannot access a closed Stream"

Does anyone have any ideas / advice?

Thanks, Daniel

The user was advised to validate the document and also check for proper installation of MathType and MathDAISY. He reported that the document is valid and there are no issues with installations.

Subsequently the user himself found the solution to the problem:

I found the issue and it appeared to be Microsoft related. I split the 200 page file in half, ran Save as DAISY, resulted in one file being fine & the other still bringing up the error. I then split the error file and repeated the process with Save as DAISY. Doing this a number of times I was able to specifically identify the “problem area”. It was one page and within that page there was a number of jpegs that were corrupt. Once they were deleted Save as DAISY ran properly.