Save as Daisy Pipeline Fails to create Full Audio Book

I can use Save as Daisy to validate my document, and even generate an xml from my file, but the full Daisy option fails when trying to create a book with audio. The Addon seems to have installed correctly, and I was able to make full auddio books for a while, then it suddenly stopped.

I do have synthetic voices on my computer, and have used them with other audio editing, and text to speech programs on my computer. Double checking my Control Panel, each voice can be switched to, and speaks the test sentence contained there.

I'm using a 64bit Dell laptop, Office2010, but for some reason the 32bit Save as Daisy installs and works, rather than the 64bit version. Not sure why that is, it just works that way. BTW, I tried uninstalling, and installed each to see if something broke with the install. The 64bit immediately returned with a message saying it can't install.

Steps I'm Taking to Convert from DOCX to Daisy:

1. Format a brief 6 page document with bulleted list, and headings using the Style in the right click menu.
2. Save, click Validate on the ribbon., Result is: document is valid.
3. Click Save as Daisy on the ribbon, click the Save as Daisy button, then choose the Full Daisy from single document option.
4. Click Narrated book, and in the translation dialog I browse to the folder to create the file set. Ensure my title is there, also the Creator and Publisher information.
5. Hit the translate button. Despite crossed fingers, and held breath, I get a message saying Pipeline Jump Fails, with the following details:

[WARNING, Fileset Renamer] File not found: caputo.html Location: file:\C:\Users\VETERAN\Documents\Daisy\SS2013q2\HC130317\pipeline__temp\tmp0\00-dtbookfix.xml

[WARNING, DTBook MathML fallback provider] File not found: caputo.html Location: file:\C:\Users\VETERAN\Documents\Daisy\SS2013q2\HC130317\pipeline__temp\tmp1\00-dtbookfix.xml

[ERROR, Validator] File not found: caputo.html Location: file:\C:\Users\VETERAN\Documents\Daisy\SS2013q2\HC130317\pipeline__temp\tmp1\01-mathFlow.xml

[WARNING, Validator] Set error severity threshold breached. Transformer aborting.

[ERROR, Pipeline Core] Task Validator failed

What is different with the pipeline validator than the one that just ran and validated? What are those missing files, and how can I put them back? They appear to have something to do with the built in error fixing scripts.

I only have one user account on my laptop, and it is admin. I know on some setup files I've installed, I still have to right click and tell it specifically to run as admin to install them. Is there a similar command I need to choose to run Save to Daisy?

Instance Surrounding the Failure Notice.

As mentioned above, I had been able to make daisy audio books, but the addon mysteriously quit. I actually successfully created an audio book, but wanted to switch to a different output voice. I made the change, opened a second file, and when following the steps above, the process failed, and hasn't worked since. It doesn't matter which voice I choose. Even the last successful document fails. I tried processing it again, but saving it in a different folder, in order to preserve my originally created book. Very confusing to me. Hopefully not so with folks here.

If more info is needed, let me know. Thanks.

PPS: In browsing the forum I found the tutorial for processing docx into full daisy at:

I get as far as step 3.3 with success (filling out the translate dialog), 3.4 (clicking the translate button) results in failure. I don't see a button to click for help with authoring guidelines. Only OK, or Details.

This is strictly a one language situation, English.
I have the standard Microsoft Anna voice, as well as 3 voices purchased from Cepstral. They all had worked in the past, but none work now.
I'm sure I didn't choose any multi language settings, but where is that located, just in case?
My OS is Windows7, using office 2010, and Save to Daisy
Sorry about being redundant, just trying to be thorough.

I read something about using the xml file that I can indeed createm, and using a full Daisy pipeline to convert. How might I try that, and is it accessible? I'm a blind guy, trying to convert documents for other blind users, and some of the authoring tools like TObI and OBI are far from being friendly for a keyboard only, screen reader user.

Dear Keith, I must admit that I have not seen the error messages that you have sent before from Save As DAISY. Save As DAISY contains "Pipeline-lite" and it seems that it is not able to run properly on your computer. This could be due to permissions or a problem with its installation. Please send me one of your documents on the email ID pverma[at the rate] so that we can be sure that there are no issues with the files that are being converted. Note that in the email ID given here I have not used the @ symbol which you must include before sending email to it. In the meantime you may create the XML file with Save As DAISY and then convert it to a full DAISY book using the stand alone DAISY Pipeline. You can download DAISY Pipeline from A tutorial on conversion of the XML file to DAISY book is available on DAISYpedia at BTW: Both Obi and Tobi are fully accessible for keyboard and screen reader users. You will be happy to know that blind persons are involved in their development and testing. Prashant are

Sorry for not getting back sooner, I've been investing a lot of energy into trying to tame my computer, and get Save as Daisy to work.

I'm ready to give up on Save as Daisy as a usable conversion tool. The same for the stand alone Daisy Pipeline. I follow all the guidelines, all the steps listed in the forums, and it still refuses to work. I've gone as far as to wipe my computer to original factory configuration of the OS, and reinstall all my programs and settings. Though it has improved my overall system performance, both Save as Daisy, and the Daisy Pipeline won't convert to full Daisy. Only an xml.

Even with a complete rollback of my sysem, and fresh installs of software, I still get the save failures. Whatever "caputo.htm" is remains the trouble. It is listed in both Save as Daisy's Pipeline Lite, and the full Daisy Pipeline as the reason for failure. It does indicae that the failure happens in step 9of14 which from other posts on the forum indicates something to do in communicating with the TTS engine.

I can create the speech using a different audio editor. If I want to link those audio segmens into a daisy book, with or without text to go with it, what is the best way to do that?

The only thing I can't figure out is what the permissions are, where they are, or how to check them. Then once I might find them, how to change them.

The thing I did do is to create a fresh folder to use as my working daisy folder. The Save as Daisy addon began working again. Looks like my former daisy project folder had become corrupted somehow.

Just wanted to share, so future daisy publishers using the Save as Daisy method, and who might have this problem, have an idea of what to check.

Thanks Keith for the update. I was not able to recreate the errors you had mentioned and therefore could not suggest any solution for it. Good to know that the DAISY Translator is working again on your computer.