i can't open one book


i received one book from Italian blind association usually the send me a daisy book that i used to open with amis but this time they send me a strange cd with two folders one called $aladin$ and another with mp3s and other two files called index.dat and page.dat how can i open this book without listening all the mp3 tracks ?? ( it is very long and boring book about Latin literature ;) )

here's a screenshot:
1- the root folder
2-inside the folder

Hello, The fileset you described cannot be a DAISY book. I suggest you contact the association who sent you the book and ask them if they have the book in DAISY format. Else you can ask them how the audio has been organized in that CD and how you should listen to it. In all probability you will have to play the audio files one-by-one.

I see anyway thank you for helping ;)