CNIB Library is Not Working in British Columbia Canada?


I have been picking audio books on line for several years for my mother in law and her friend. My mother in law has not been receiving books since before Christmas and at this point in time has nothing left to listen to. The CNIB told her on the phone yesterday that the system was down and they don't know when it will be back up. Can someone tell me if I can go to a bookstore and order any audiobook and if it will work in her Daisy Reader? I'd like to order her several and have them delivered if they will work for her. She lives 10 hours drive away from us. Thanks

Hello Vivian, Prior to working with the DAISY Consortium I worked with the CNIB Library for many years. I've just made a phone call and have been told that the system is not down but there are some delays in getting books out at the moment. If you would please contact directly by email at lynn [dot] leith [at] gmail (dot) com I will try to find out if the CNIB can get some DAISY books to your mother-in-law (please note that my email address is of course without the brackets and spaces as it is presented here). Something you also might want to try to get some books to your mother-in-law as quickly as possible is contacting the public library that is closest to her as many of the public libraries in Canada have a limited number of DAISY books to loan to their patrons. In addition, many commercial audio books will also play in most DAISY players however they will not provide the same navigation features that DAISY books provide. I look forward to receiving your email and am hopeful we can get the books flowing to your mother-in-law again very soon. Regards, Lynn Leith