Translation freezing?


I recently installed the Save As DAISY add-in to replace my eClipse Writer program. I need something that could handle bilingual content, which apparently this add-in can.

However, the program keeps freezing during translation. Always at the 9/14 mark.

The file is very short, not even 1 page, and it passes the validation process.

Is there any advice? Is there something I am not doing? Something I need to add?

I am trying to create a full daisy book (type 4).

Thanks for any help you can provide!


Dear Andrew, The 9/14 stage is where the Pipeline attempts to record the text in TTS voice. Problem in this stage indicates that either the default TTS is not working or not able to read the given text. Which TTS have you selected in Control Panel > Speech? Is this TTS capable of speaking the language of the text in the document? Please open the text to speech settings and make sure you have selected the correct TTS voice. When configuring the Full DAISY > TTS Narrator job, what is the state of the "multi-language support" checkbox? If it is checked then try to run the job without selecting this option. If all this does not work you may send the document so that I can check further. Prashant

Dear Andrew,

did you validate your word document before translating?

If you did, and the docx passed valid then you'll have to send me your docx. If not, then the validator will tell you where and what the error is.

Let us know

Regards Olaf

Thanks for the tips. It seems the problem is related to Windows 7 and an inherent bug within the default TTS voice. I found the workaround and the problem was mostly solved.

These are multi-language files (French and English). When I set the TTS voice to French, it treats the text properly, however it still reads all headings using the English voice. I have tried everything imagineable to fix it and no luck. Any ideas when this may happen?

Dear Andrew, Did you try the translation with the "multi-language support" unchecked? If possible share the document and also let us know which TTS you are using. My email ID is pverma[at the rate]