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At SBS, we use version 3.1.3 of AMIS. We noticed that AMIS fails to open books from a network share, where the path is specified with Universal Naming Convention (UNC), like in "\\servername\sharename\path\to\file". Any idea what could be the problem?


I added the log as an attachment. Because we can only start in compatibility mode, we had to change the compatibilityMode.xml so that a log was created. I hope this helps.

(I can't find out how to link to the attachment from this message, so I'll also e-mail it just in case)

Thanks for the log file, I received it via email. It looks like you are able to open a local book but it fails when opening a network share. I am starting to suspect our URI-handling library.

I'm pretty sure it's unrelated, but it's curious that you can only start AMIS in compatibility mode, which uses FFMpeg instead of DirectX, and disables TTS. Is this on all your computers or just this one?

It is on all our computers (they're all the same). A few month ago we switched from Windows XP to Windows 7 (32 bit). Normal mode used to work on XP.

I don't know why it would make a difference regarding compatibility, but did you try uninstalling and reinstalling AMIS after upgrading?

Also, does "AMIS Compatibility Mode with TTS" work? This disables DirectX but still uses TTS.

The only two conflicts we've found so far that affect DirectX and TTS, respectively, are linked to from this page: http://daisy.trac.cvsdude.com/amis/wiki/Troubleshooting

However, only one person ever had a SAPI/TTS problem, and while I've talked to a few users who had the audio codec/DirectX conflict caused by Nokia PC Suite, I haven't heard about it in a number of years.

Hi Marisa.

It is a brand new installation of Windows 7. The special thing about our infrastructure is that we do "desktop virtualization" through Citrix (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Citrix)

Compatibility mode with TTS works, so I guess DirectX is the problem. Maybe it has got something to do with our virtual environment.


The UNC path issue should be resolved, a.k.a. "it works for me", in this new beta:


Let me know how it goes.