When I open an imported word document in tobi it changes the order of the pictures

.Hello everyone;

I have already exported a document using the save as plug-in in office 2010, and then checking my text in tobi I notice that the images where not in the same order as in the word document, ¿can you help me with this issue?

I have already posted this issue in the Tobi Forum, but Daniel told me that probably it is an error in de Save as plug in

Thanks and best regards

Dear Armando, This is unlikely to be an issue with Tobi. If you let me have a look at the document then I can try and find the problem in the document. You can send it to me on my email ID pverma[at the rate]daisy.org thanks, Prashant

I have already send it to you the file
Does it arrives to you?

Dear Armando, I have not received the file as yet. Note that I had delibrately written my email address differently to avoid spam from internet. Another email address is prashant.rv[at the rate]gmail.com

I have a similar issue. I export a word document through Save as DAISY and it fails to export all the images. I have tried to export as WORD 2003 XML and convert using the DAISY pipeline, but it WORD 2003 does not support mathml.

Images may be missing due to illegal characters in the image file names.

This is a known issue and can be easily resolved by renaming the file names.

I suggest you try out the following to make sure it works.

Save one of the images which is not appearing in Tobi as a separate image file. Make sure you use only English characters in the file name and do not put any "spaces".

Now create a new word document and insert this image file. Translate this document with Save As DAISY and import in Tobi.

If the image appears in Tobi then you need to do the same process for other images in the Word document.

Renaming the .doc file following your instructions worked as well. In consequence the image file names don't need changing.