Problems with the add in Save as Daisy

I have a problem, when Saving as Daisy in Word. Ia validate and says it is OK, but when I try to Save it as Daisy, it says It is invalid and I get a message that shows tyhe following:

Translaion failes and and translated document is invalid

In patter count (a line of code, I suppose)
internal link does not resolve

And these lines repeats several times

Hope you can tell me how to solve this problem

Thank you!!.

Remove all hyperlinks in the document. Take a look at your document again and carefully remove all hyperlinks. You can keep the URL but make sure it is not a clickable link. You can do this by right clicking on the link and choosing "remove hyperlink". Make sure you check the footntoes as well. The links in the audomatic table of contents need not be removed. let me know if your document translates successfully after this.

Hello Again!

I removed all the hyperlinks in my document. And the process of translating it started (although it took all night) and when it finished its showed me a mistake again and showed me this message:

Task validator failed

[INFO] XSLT message: Adding dc:Publisher metadata element
[INFO] XSLT message: No errors or warnings reported. Congratulations!
[INFO] Validating with ZedVal version 2.1
[ERROR] A validation error ocurred: bad character content for element Location: file
[WARNING] Set error severity threshold breached. Transformer aborting.
[ERROR] Task Validator Failed

And I also have this problem that when opening Word, a prompt opens and ask me if I want to disable the Daisy Add-in because it is causing prblems. Is there something I can do to avoid this??


How big is the document you are translating with Save As DAISY? You said it took all night, it is better to split the document into parts if it is that big. Please send the document to me and I will have a look. My email ID is pverma[at the rate]