Project backups.


Dear users,

As part of your workflow, please make backups of your Tobi projects at regular intervals. Simple copy/paste the entire project folder to a backup location (this is the safest option), and during a typical day of work: copy/paste the XML project file which ends with the ".xuk" file extension (the one that has the Tobi icon).

Version of Tobi now automatically makes a project XML backup (using copy/paste) each time a project gets saved. The backup filename contains a time stamp to help users delete redundant backups after a while.

Remember that when you invoke the "cleanup" function, the audio files within your project's "data" folder get reorganised, so old project XML backups are likely to reference non-existing files (and therefore fail to open properly). The cleanup function also makes undo-redo impossible, so take extra care, copy/paste the whole data folder somewhere safe if you are unsure. After cleanup, once your project is verified and opens fine, you can manually delete your backup to save hard disc space.

Your feedback is essential, so let us know about the good and bad points.

Regards, Daniel