inline pagenum not present in NCX


Following this post

I noticed that when a pagenum is placed inside a paragraph and not in a separate paragraph, it is not included in the NCX document. Is this correct?

For example:

"This is a page <pagenum page="normal" id="page10">10</pagenum> that is inline."

Thank you,

Dear Gerasimos, I also think that it is a Save As DAISY issue. I could not successfully translate a document having an inline page successfully. With some manual correction I created a book having inline pages from DAISY Pipeline and this one is working properly in AMIS. It will be good if you send me your sample to my email ID pverma[at the rate] Thanks, Prashant

I have checked the document you sent and emailed my reply. I was able to translate the document successfully and the inline pages are also displaying in AMIS navigation pane.