Full text full audio book


I am using JAWS and the latest version of Tobi.

I hope someone could advise. This is my first attempt to create a full text full audio book. However, I cannot find the way to sincrinise the text with the imported audio. I followed the steps below.
1. structured the book in word, then saved it through save as daisy as .xml file.
2. opened this xml file in Tobi to start new project.
3. As there is no audio for the headings, I moved to the next phraise in the body of the book with the next phrase command.
4. when the next phrase was in focus, e.g. the next sentance, or the paragraph, I imported recorded audio with ctrl+i.
5. then I moved to next phrase etc I repeated this step until I finished importing the audio files.
6. I validated, then Then I exported the book.

Unfortunately, when I open this new full text full audio book in FS reader, I find that the text and the audio is not sincrinised. Instead, when I play, it start from the begining of the audio instead of phrases etc.
Does anyone know where I am going wrong?

Dear Alpot,

The process is right. Import the xml file, then move to document pane using F6. Press tab once to hear complete text of selected item. And then navigate to next phrase using ctrl+period
When you import audio file on a phrase, please play it using space bar to verify that the audio belongs to the same phrase. In case you need to split the audio, you can use ctrl+Enter shortcut to do the same.

you may like to perform audio editing to ensure that audio is sychronized with text. The details for the same can be found in Tobi manual http://www.daisy.org/tobi/user-manual
please scroll down to the heading named Audio edit keyboard shortcuts

with regards

thanks a lot, but, whatever I tried, the result is the same. I even shorten the book down to 3 pages, and followed the same procedure, imported the audio etc. When I try to read the book, the audio does not follow the text or the text does not follow the audio at all. For example, if I move somewhere in the book then get the FS reader to play the audio, it either starts from the beggining of the section, or, somewhere totally unrelated. Do you think it may something to do with the way the book is structured in word/save as daisy? The book is all text without graphics etc. I only formatted the headings as heading 1 for navigation purpuses. The text in between the headings are separated by enters and in normal fonts stiles etc. This is driving me real nut!

Dear Alpot,

In case you have used Save as DAISY to create only DTBook.xml then such problem will arise. While saving to DTBook.xml the paragraph markup is applied to the document, there is no markup for sentence. So, when you navigate to a phrase, the whole paragraph is played from beginning.
If this is the case then please generate full text full audio book with Save as DAISY and then import only the DTBook.xml from it into Tobi. While generating full text full audio, Save as DAISY applies sentence level markup.

with regards

Dear Avneesh,
I am afraid no good news. When I generate full-text full-audio through save as daisy, the audio is sinked with text and reads fine on daisy reader, however, when I import text only xml file into Tobi then import the external mp3 files to sincrinise with text, I get the same result, e.g. the audio does not follow the text for some reason and it starts playing from the beginning of that section even though the text is half way through the section. I'll continue playing around, but, it does not look like I'll find a solution!!

Please send me book at avneesh_sg @yahoo.co.in.

Dear Alpot, After importing the audio file are you manually synchronizing the audio with the text by repeatedly using the CTRL + ENTER keystroke? If not then the audio will not automaticaly align with the sentences. Prashant

Dear Prashant, thanks for that, but, using ctrl+enter did not make any difference, the end result is the same. The book I am working on is poetry like book, e.g. each line contains the verses. These verses are sometime a single sentence, sometime 2 or more sentences in them, however, the verses are separated with enters. The MP3 files are the human narrated audio of these verses read as poetry, e.g. each verse/line is narated and saved separately in mp3 files.
If I use full text full audio through save as daisy, it separates some of the verses as they contain more than 1 sentence, therefore, I have to save it as text only xml file to work on it. Here is the process I used:
1 Saved the book in word as xml;
2 Imported into Tobi;
3 Pressed f6 then tab to move over to the phrases;
4 Used ctrl+. To select the phrase;
5 Then imported the relevant mp3;
6 Then pressed ctrl+enter, which moved me onto the next phrase;
7 I repeated the above process until the end of the book then exported the book.
Unfortunately, for some reason, again, the audio starts right from the beginning of each section/poem and not synchronised with the verses. I am not sure where I am going wrong with this.

Hello Alpot, when using [CTRL+dot] to move to the next "phrase" in the text document, by default Tobi adjusts the synchronisation granularity to a preference expressed in the application's options (for example, you can favour a "p" paragraph instead of children "sent" sentences). However, you can toggle (enable/disable) this behaviour by using the keyboard shortcut [SHIFT-CTRL-ALT-T]. There is a tickbox in the document pane's icon toolbar. When turned off, the chosen synchronisation granularity is the finest available in the document (which in your case was generated by the "Save As DAISY" addon for Microsoft Word). So if you export from MS-Word with "sentence detection" in full-text full-audio mode, then the resulting XML contains sentence-level granularity, and you will have the option in Tobi to synchronise at that level, or higher if you want (note that you can use [SHIFT-CTRL-comma] to expand the selection from one granularity level to its parent granularity level). The [SHIFT-CTRL-ALT-T] toggle feature applies to all Tobi functions that automatically move from one XML text fragment to another: [CTRL-comma] previous, [CTRL-dot] next, [CTRL-ENTER] split-and-shift, [SHIFT-CTRL-R] stop-record-and-continue. Because you are using a screen-reader, you have to pause between each synchronised phrase in order to listen to the selected text fragment and ensure that it is the correct one (sighted users simply read whatever is highlighted on the screen, making it a lot easier to hit [CTRL-ENTER] appropriately to split at the correct spot). So for a screen-reader user, full-text full-audio synchronisation is more challenging, or at least more time-consuming. I hope this helps. Let us know how it goes! Kind regards, Daniel

I just sent you part of the book and assosiated MP3 files to the email address you provided. For some reason, I could not get my head round it and get it working. I would be grateful if you could have a look at it.

Hello, We have got the book,we will be working on it. Will get back to you as i will get the solution. Thanks & Regards Rachana