merging projects

After generating a DAISY book by Save as DAISY Translator, we do human recording by Tobi. And after that, we want to merge several DAISY books.
However, if we use Dolphin Publisher, it doesn't accept DAISY books with same HTML file name.

If anyone have a good idea on how we can marge DAISY books generated by Save as DAISY Translator, please let us know.


Dear Mayu, I can suggest a workaround. Rename the files of one of the volumes that you want to merge. You can use the FILESET RENAMER script in DAISY PIPELINE for this purpose. Then you may use Dolphin Publisher to merge them. It will not complain since the file names in the two projects will be different. The FILESET RENAMER documentation is at While renameing files make sure you remove XML and XHTML from the exceptions list.

Dear Prashant,
Thank you for your suggestion! I tried file set renamer. I deleted everything from "Filetypes to exclude" but dtbook.xml, css and images remeined in a same name.
It is same if I first convert to DAISY2.02 and run file set renamer, content.html, css and images remained in a same name.
Could not change file name of the HTML file.

Dear Mayu, While renaming take care of the following. I just tested this on sample books that i can send to you if you need. 1. In DAISY PIPELINE Fileset Renamer script configuration while choosing the input make sure you choose the NCC file in case of DAISY 2.02 book and the OPF file in case of DAISY 3 books. For this you will have to change the "files of type" option to *.* 2. In case of DAISY 32.02 book I chose "Z3986DtbookFile, CssFile" in the file type to exclude field and in case of DAISY 3 I chose "CSS file" and I got desired results. The name of the content document was also renamed along with the audio file names. Let me know if this helps you.