tobi project elapsed time


I'm trying to convert DAISY3 book generated by Tobi to DAISY2.02 by Pipeline.
Pipeline validator report errors about the elapsed time. Sample of an error message is as below.
dtb:totalElapsedTime is inaccurate. Declared total elapsed time (0:00:12.518) does not match actual elapsed time (0:00:12.517)

Is there any way to convert DAISY3 book generated by Tobi to DAISY2.02?


Hello Mayu,
Tobi exports valid DAISY 3 books, but in order to remove the time-related messages you have to increase the tolerance threshold in the Pipeline preferences, from zero to a few milliseconds (there is indeed a 1ms discrepancy due to rounding of the time stamp to the third millisecond digit, whereas Tobi stores the full high-precision 6 digits).
Kind regards, Daniel

Hi Daniel,
Thank you for your reply.
I increased the digit of the "Time Tolerance" and a book passed DAISY3 validator. However, after converted to DAISY2.02, DAISY2.02 validator reports errors related to "elapsed time". Can I change a setting of this?

I am glad to hear that the Tobi-exported DAISY 3 book validates fine with the Pipeline!

Unfortunately, I am not sure how to configure the DAISY 2.02 converter. Has the Pipeline completed the book conversion? Maybe it is just a warning message. Have you tried playing the DAISY 2.02 book, to see if it works?

Side question: why do you need to "downgrade" the DAISY 3 book to 2.02? (old hardware player requirement?)

Regards, Dan

Pipeline DAISY2.02 validator shows "ERROR". A sample of a Message is "expected duration 0:00:07:863 but found 0:00:08".
Because of this error, Pipeline progress will be aborted.
But if you open the output directory, you can see complete DAISY2.02 book which works fine.

We are conducting DAISY production training to the volunteers. Our target is to create DAISY text books for students with dyslexia.
We are using Save as DAISY Translator and Tobi for this training.
But when we want to edit DAISY book (e.g. changing sentence length) or combine DAISY books, we need to use Dolphin Publisher. With Dolphin Publisher v3.03, we can only open DAISY2.02 books.

This discrepancy of 137 milliseconds may be due to some rounding errors too, or perhaps because of some inaccuracy when encoding to MP3...I am not sure. At any rate, this error seems to emerge from the Pipeline DAISY 2.02 converter, so maybe the Pipeline developers are aware of this issue already (?).

Could you please explain in more detail the missing Tobi features which are forcing you to use a DAISY 2.02 authoring tool? (please use the Tobi forum, or send me a direct email). Due to limited development resources, I cannot guarantee that we can implement all your needs, but it would be good to have a detailed description of the parts of your production workflow that are not currently supported by Tobi.

Regards, Daniel

Hi Daniel,
I wrote requirements to the Tobi Forum.

It's been a while since I saw such rounding errors. I thought we set a tolerance threshold reasonable enough to cover the big majority of the cases.

Mayu, can you make some samples available so that I can have a more detailed look ?