word 2010 footnotes cause errors while saving


I started a clean DOCX document and added some footnotes from the Word menu. The document appears to be 'valid' when hitting the Daisy 'Validate' button.
Then, when saving as Daisy XML I get a series of errors like this:

In pattern contains(@idref, '#') and string-length(substring-before(@idref, '#'))=0 and count(key('notes',substring(current()/@idref,2)))!=1:
noteref URI value does not resolve to a note element

What does that mean?

Thank you

Footnotes can be tricky, dear Marinakis,

something in that footnote got misinterpreted and was deemed not be a footnote.

Please send the docx and the XML to daisymatters (at) gmail (dot) com

And I'll have a look.

Regards Olaf

Dear Apostolos,

No idea why you couldn't produce an XML. Did you use the option 'DAISY XML from single docx'?

Whatever, I'll send you my result which isn't valid either.

So please open the xml in a browser and have a look at "This is the first line" in which you'll see a footnote called "0". Which of course doesn't make a lot of sense, in particular since you denominated it "1" in the original docx.

Looks like a bug to me. The converter seemingly starts by counting all footnotes at zero... which is on thing, but then forgets to include the endnote (possibly because its a zero?).

I kept the wrong numbering in the now valid xml, which again would have to be corrected manually by changing >0</notref> to >1</notref> and all subsequent noterefs as well and the same in the endnotes. As a workaround, a little regular expressions script would take care of that.

What a nuisance!