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I have converted a physical book to DAISY. As this will be given to a student, there is a need to indicate original page numbers. In order to do so, I have inserted numbers exactly at the point where a new page starts in the physical book and marked them with .

This means that appears:

1. Within paragraphs:

This is a 1 a paragraph

2. Within lists (bullets)
(almost as above)

3. Within words (hyphen)

This is a compli-2cated word

My problem is that the page numbers are now inline with the text, so when using AMIS, page numbers are announced in non-appropriate places.

My first question is whether there is an option in AMIS or whether there is any other DAISY reader that can 'hide' pagenum elements when reading and use them only for navigation purposes.

I tried to move outside paragraphs, lists or words. Still, the problem that pagenums are read aloud remains. However, I now have an extra problem, in case of very long lists, that span in several pages: I have to skip page numbering to place pagenum at the beginning or the end of the list.

So, the best approach would be to somehow 'hide' pagenum when reading. Is this possible from any DAISY reader?

Thank you

Dear Marinakis, In AMIS go to 'Info' klick 'Reading Options' and select which navigational features, likes pages, you would like to skip. Regards Olaf

Dear Olaf,
I tried unclicking pagenum in the reading options, but when the page number is placed inline it doesn't seem to work.
Regards Vasiliki

Dear Vasiliki, In my testing AMIS is skipping reading page numbers placed inline. Easy Reader is also not reading the inline page number when it is not selected in the skippable items list. I created a short sample for testing with the DAISY Translator. However, No DAISY player can hide the display of the page number from the document. Prashant

Dear Prashant,

I made another effort. AMIS keeps reading inline page numbers whilst skipping the rest. It doesn't even offer the option of skipping reading page numbers if they are all inline.

Dear Vasiliki, Please send me a sample document which has this problem. My email ID is prashant.rv[at the rate] I will then share my sample book in which inline pages are working properly. Prashant

There are system settings which you need to change.