Hyperlink within DAISY3 book


On AMIS3.1.3,
I can jump to the website from a hyperlink within DAISY2.02 book.
But I can't jump to the website from a hyperlink within DAISY 3 book.

How can I add a link to DAISY3 book which I can use on AMIS313?

Thank you,

Dear Mayu, I am curious to know which tool did you use to create the DAISY books. Generally in the DAISY 3 book the hyperlink is retained and works. But in DAISY 2.02 content document the hyperlink text is enclosed by a link to the SMIL file. Prashant

Hi Prashant,
I used Save as DAISY Translator for MS Word to create DAISY3 book. And Dolphin Publisher to create DAISY2.02 book.
There is a link to the URL within XML file but it doesn't work on AMIS3.1.3.

Dear Mayu, I just created a two line book from Save As DAISY. The hyperlink in this one works. I am sending the sample to you by email. Check the difference between this and your book. Prashant

Thank you for sending a sample.
When you open the book by AMIS3.1.3, if you select a link, can you jump to the website?

When I try with DAISY2.02 book generated by DolphinPublisher, if I click on the link, it will open IE and jump to the website but I can't do that on DAISY3 book generated by DAISY translator.

I couldn't open a website with a book you send too.


There is a difference in the way the book is generated by Dolphin Publisher and Save As DAISY. In the content document of the DAISY 2.02 fileset generated by Publisher the link source points to the given website whereas in the case of Save As DAISY fileset it points to a location within a SMIL file. This is why the link in Dolphin publisher book is working and the Save As DAISY generated book is not. However since most DAISY players specially hardware devices do not have any mechanism for clicking hyperlinks this is not at all a priority or a concern in DAISY books. In fact the widely adopted practice is that of removing the hyperlinks and retaining the link text instead.

Thank you for the investigation.

When we make a text book for students with dyslexia who is using AMIS, using hyperlink to jump to the website is one of a fancy function.
Also, it may be difficult for most people to listen to the address and enter it on the browser. (especially for those non-alphabet users)
So, if we can use hyperlink function, it will be helpful for many users.

Thanks for pointing out an important use case. So, it seems that DAISY 3 format can provide the solution for you.

Within DAISY3 XML file, there are the links to SMIL file and the website.
On AMIS, link to the website doesn't work.
On EasyReader, link to the website works fine.

We can use Dolphin EasyReader to playback a content or we can use Dolphin Publisher to create a content.
Only problem is that there is no solution we can use with free of charge.

Hope AMIS will support a link to the website.

This may also be due to an issue with DAISY 3 books and hyperlinks, mentioned on our 'limitations' page:


If you could send me a copy of the book that you're having trouble with, I can confirm whether this is the cause.

Thank you Marisa,
I will send the DAISY3 book with a link.