Problems playing the audio recorded in TOBI


Hello everyone.

I was recording a book in TOBI and everything is fine, I have my navigation menu and Tobi recognize my pages layout.
But when i export it so it can be played in AMIS, the audio that I recorded doesn't play instead I hear the automatic voice of AMIS and the page structure is not recognized. (only page 1), but the other pages are not displayed in the navigation menu.

When I edited the book in word, i use for the body the Sent (Daisy) style, and for the pages the Page Number (Daisy) style

do anyone know about this error?

Dear Armando,

We will need to see the structure of the book. Please send us the exported book. If the book is too large then you can exclude the mp3 files and send us rest of the files i.e. DTBook.xml, smil files, navigation.ncx etc.

with regards
Avneesh Singh

Ok, one question, to which email address?
BTW the book is in Spanish.

I´ll send the tobi files plus the exported file.

Please send it to asingh[@]

Dear All,

I have the same problem that Armando, I recorded in Tobi, then I exported to Daisy and finally when I want to listen my book, I can not hear my voice, I hear the voice of the automatic reader ( I think so), could you let me know what can I do in this case? Really is very, very importat to us that you can help us. I think that we are four friends (including me) that we have this problem.

Thank you in advance!!!

Sara Alvarado

Dear Sara, Does the text of the book include lists? I confirm that if the document has ordered or unordered lists then in the exported book human narrated audio does not get attached to that part of the text and therefore the TTS voice of the DAISY player reads it. This has been identified as a bug and I am sure it will be fixed soon. Prashant

Please download the following file and copy it in Tobi executable directory with instructions provided below:
open the Tobi's executable directory from Tobi's main window as follows:
Tools menu /
browse folders/
Application executable or log.
While pasting, it will ask for permission to overwrite. Press yes and overwrite the original file.
with regards
Avneesh Singh