Use of Sigtuna Dar3 to create Talking books using Oriental Languages


cbm Canada's Talking Book Library is using Sigtuna Dar3 to create Talking books for the Oriental Community, and using Oriental characters to name NCC elements is an issue.

Could organizations who use Sigtuna with Oriental Languages offer detailed information on how non-Latin Alphabet text is used to name NCC elements?

Roy O'Boyle cbm Canada's Talking Book Library

Dear Roy, As far as I know there are limitations in the display of non-Latin characters in the "NCC view" in Sigtuna. A workaround is being used successfully at many places. You would have noted that the Content View (the bigger window on the right side) in Sigtuna also displays the text of the selected NCC item. All types of characters are displayed properly in the content view although the same text is shown as junk in the NCC items list. So, while working in Sigtuna even if you are not able to read an item in the NCC view, you can see the proper display of the item in the content view and manage all recording and editing. Taking advantage of this, some organization type the NCC items in language of their choice in a text editor or Microsoft Word and then convert it into a XHTML file for import into Sigtuna. Let me know if you want more details. Prashant

Prashant, Thanks for your input!

We did some testing and it worked as you indicated.


To Roy O'Boyle cbm Canada's Talking Book Library.
Thanks a lot for sharing any information about Sigtuna DAR3 software. In other case, my institution (The Development Unit of Radio/Audio for Education-Ministry of Education and Culture of Republic of Indonesia, in this year (2013) will produce/create some audiobook for education of the students with vision dissabilities use software of Sigtuna DAR3. But we don't know how can we getting for it. Share me information on it, please.
I'm Sunarto Soepatmodjo in Indonesia is waiting for your information, soon. Thanks you Mr. Roy O'Boyle...


The Sigtuna software that we used was downloaded from the Daisy web site. I do not think source code is available.

Roy O'Boyle