Converting Audio simple audio book to DAISY whith the Pipeline


I have an simple Audio book that includes only mp3 files/
Is it possible to convert the Audio book to a daisy Audio book with the DAISY Pipeline? So I can hear the book in daisy players and daisy apps such daisy worm or daisy2go or another apps? If yes, so how?
Also I'd like to know if there is a daisy player app for the iphone and ipad from the daisy consortium ?


Dear Ilana,
Obi, the free & open source authoring tool is well suited for converting audio files in to a DAISY book. You can import both MP3 & WAV files in Obi and export them as a DAISY book which will play on all platforms in DAISY players.
The steps for importing audio files in Obi are explained in this short video on the DAISY youtube channel:

To download Obi visit
For more tutorials and videos on Obi visit Obi section on DAISYpedia -

A number of apps are available from DAISY friends & other developers for playing DAISY books on iPhone & iPad. See this article for more information -