Audio Problems


After I installed Amis, my computer suddenly is no longer able to play audio well. Any audio file I play is choppy and filled with clicks. I uninstalled Amis but this hasn't solved the problem. If anybody has any idea as to how I should proceed I would very much appreciate it.

It seems most unlikely that AMIS could have done anything to your audio system. Did you try a system restore? It may help you to restore settings just before the first AMIS install.



I am using Amis for the first time. Amis will only read headings correctly, when reading normal or body text it stutters or is intermittent, this seems strange as it reads headers perfectly. I am using the help document that comes with Amis. Do I have some settings wrong could it be codecs?

Thank You


From AMIS' perspective, there is no difference in the audio for headings vs body text. Could you email a sample of your book to me at marisa.demeglio at