org_pef_dtbook2pef task fails with "unexpected error"


I am trying to run the dtbook to text script on some files. The dtbook2pef task fails with "unexpected error" as the only error message after the "running flow to text converter" message. There is no other log or error information.
The dtbook is valid and I am able to use it to create other formats like a full text and audio daisy book.
The offending file is attached here.
Will appreciate any help in troubleshooting this.


I could reproduce the issue locally. It seems it happens when you feed the transformer with a DTBook in a locale which is not supported by Dotify. I will forward the issue to the Dotify developers.

Thanks for the report!

Thanks Romain for looking at this. Is there a workaround that you can suggest for this like manually putting a locale somewhere in the offending file to get this going for now?

If you just want to try the script, you can provide a DTBook in Swedish (with the locale "sv"), which I know is supported. I don't know if/what other locales are supported.