Error calling the se_tpb_speechgen2 transformer with command line


I am facing a problem while running the Narrator-DtbookToDaisy.taskScript using the pipeline command line.
This script runs successfully when run from the pipeline gui on the same machine.
When run from the command line using the exact same parameters and for the same input file, the se_tpb_speechgen2 transformer fails with the error stacktrace in the attached file. It is unable to construct a new instance of the ttsbuilder or the default tts engine.
I am running this on a windows 64 bit machine as the administrator.

Will appreciate any pointers.

Also, Can you point me to the javadocs for the speechgen2 transformer?


I do not see any attachment, could you please send me the file at rdeltour (at) gmail (dot) com ? (I may not be very responsive this week though as I'm out of office for a meeting).


Oh, and tranformers Javadoc is available there:

Although the Javadoc may not be very detailed and you will usually find more info by looking at the code.