Calling one taskscript from another taskscript


Is it possible to create a taskscript in the pipeline that calls other existing taskscripts?
I tried to create a tdf file that uses the command line pipeline bat file to run other taskscripts but that doesn't seem to work.
I don't want to copy over all the tasks and variables and validations from the various taskscripts that I want to call. Has anyone else run into this problem and solved it?

PS: I think I asked the same question a long time ago but don't know if this has been addressed in the latest version of the pipeline.


No, it is not possible.

However, a taskscript is not much more than a wrapper around a sequence of "transformers", so you could easily combine several taskscripts by creating a new taskscript that chains all the transformers from the original taskscripts.

Please see the taskscript grammar documentation for more details.


I understand how to create a task script from tasks. However, here are some of the reasons I wanted to be able to call one taskscript from another:
- These are existing taskscripts that can change over time: I'll need to keep moving the changes in these other taskscripts to my new taskscript as well.
- There are local variables and parameters defined in these other taskscripts. There will be name conflicts when I bring all this tasks into a single script. This is tedious and error prone to say the least.
- Different existing taskscripts help me keep things modular.

For now, I have created a shell script to call the various taskscripts through the pipeline command line.


I totally agree with your concerns here. However, the project is in now maintenance mode and we do not have the resource to dramatically change how the script / transformer concepts work.

For the record, the Pipeline 2 greatly improves the situation with the use of XProc as the unique workflow/script language.