how do I creat a text only daisy book?


I work at a university where I have a few requests from students to have their books in a format in which they can use their iPads and iPhones to read. I personally have an iPhone with read2go and inDaisy. I am trying to create a daisy formatted book without the audio to use in one of these apps. The reason I don't want the audio is because these apps have their own text to speech engines and I would like to minimize the size of the books. What setting should I use in the pipeline to create a text only daisy book? I also have the save as daisy add-in for Microsoft Word 2007. Any help will be extremely appreciated.

You should first convert the documents using Save As DAISY to to a DAISY compliant DTB XML file. Then use DAISY Pipeline scripts to convert this XML file into a text-only DAISY book.
You may read the short how-to guides on DAISYpedia which explain the use of Save As DAISY add-in and DAISY Pipeline.
Save As DAISY tutorials are at

and have a look at this article on DAISY Pipeline

Hope this helps.


I followed the instructions in the tutorials you sent. However, I keep getting an error. I tried using the validation tool in the pipeline which says that 1 error was found. How can I find out what that error was? I can't seem to get it to show me what the error was. The save as daisy add-in for MS word said everything was valid. I used the save as daisy add-in to convert a dtb xml from multiple files.

The DAISY Pipeline does have an option of saving the error report. In Pipeline in the NEW JOB WIZARD select VERIFY and then DTBook Validator. Then after selecting the input DTB XML file which you created with Save As DAISY, provide a location for the XML Validation Report. You can click the BROWSE button and select a folder on your hard drive.
Send this report and DOCX file to me on my email ID pverma[at the rate]
I will be happy to help.


Dear Carlos,
I think I have located the error. In Pipeline as well as the error report you would have seen that there is only one error in the DTB XML.
The error message reads something like "File not found: intensity"
I opened the "wellness.xml" file sent by you and searched for the reference text given in the error message that is "intensityy"
On line number 8454, there is an anchor tag and it points to a file named intensityy which doesn't exist. Further investigation reveals that in the MS WORD file named "rob23836_ch04_097-154.docx" on page 12 the text "higher \intensityy" has a hyperlink to this unknown destination.

Remove this hyperlink and convert the documents again or simply edit the xml file and remove reference to this non-existent file and this error will disappear.
I am attaching corrected XML file in my email to you.

Hope it works for you now.


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Hi. I'm Carlos taylor from the pipe line forum on You told me to create a report using the pipe line utility and send it to you along with the docx files. I zipped the folder of docx files and the files generated from the save as daisy add-in and placed them on a server. They are too large to send by e-mail. Below is a link where you can download the files and the report.xml file I generated.

You may also use this link if this helps.

Hi --

I'm new to daisy, so I beg your pardon if the question is silly. Is there a way to use pipeline to create daisy 3 text-only books? The two jobs available seem to create incomplete filesets, which I assume are to be used by other programs to create full text/full audio books. The filesets work partially with AMIS, but can't be properly navigated, and give errors with other readers, like DDR.

The readers in Brazilian Portuguese do not work with daisy 2. So the only option I have at the moment is to create full text/full audio books, and rip off the mp3 files, which seem a waste of time processing resources. Is there another way to get the task done?

Thanks, Matsuo.

Dear Matsuo, The DAISY 3 text only fileset transformers in DAISY Pipeline can create DAISY books that can be read properly in AMIS and other DAISY players. The important thing is that you should have a valid and well- marked-up DTB XML file for conversion with Pipeline. You can create the XML file using Save As DAISY add-in for Microsoft Word. Before converting the Microsoft Word document you need to apply styles to identify all navigational elements such as sections and page numbers. For providing better fine navigation within the DAISY book it is also important to properly mark up tables, lists and footnotes. I guess the document you have converted with pipeline does not contain enough mark-up and that is why it is not properly navigable in DAISY Players. There are instructions in the DAISYpedia for preparing the documents for Save As DAISY at and If you still have issues feel free to send me the Word document on the email ID pverma[at the rate] and I will try to find out the reasons for it not converting to a good text only DAISY book. Thanks, Prashant

Hi Prashant --

Thanks for your kind reply. I had the headings markings in my documents, and I believe I followed the intructions, yet I am still unable to get the text-only daisy 3 books from pipeline.

To simplify troubleshoooting, I created a very simple 2 pages document, with headings and page numbers. Still no good. I've sent it to your email, including the xml, the working full-daisy 3 book and the flawed text-only daisy 3 book.

I hope you can point me to what I'm missing here! Thanks for your kind assistance.

Warm regards, Matsuo.

Dear matsuo, Have you sent the document already? I did not receive it so far. My second email ID is prashant.rv[attherate]

Hi Prashant!

I've forwarded you the message I sent to your email to the secondary gmail one.

Regards, Matsuo.

Is there a way to use pipeline to create daisy 3 text-only books?

Dear Lissa,

The DAISY Pipeline and Pipeline 2 are conversion tools. They are used to convert files from one format to another.

The DAISY Pipeline can convert DTBook XML files to text-only DAISY books. You will need to first create the DTBook XML file, Pipeline will not take any XML or DOC file as input.

If you want to create text-only DAISY books, then checkout the article "Create text-only DAISY books" in DAISYpedia. It explains the process using free tools like Save as DAISY and Tobi.

The article DAISY Pipeline use cases has more information on the utility of this convertion tool.

The newer DAISY Pipeline 2 can do more conversions particularly to the EPUB format. Checkout DAISY Pipeline 2 Web UI use cases.

Hope this information is useful to you.


after selecting the input DTB XML file which you created with Save As DAISY, provide a location for the XML Validation Report.


I did not fully understand your comment. It seems incomplete.

The validation report is optional.