DTB Types



Is it possible to create other types of DTB than audioFullText? We are looking for a tool that would produce audioNCX in case we are not allowed to distribute the textual content.

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Iiro Nummela

Dear Iiro,

That is of course possible
(look also for other articles in DAISYpedia on authoring)
And if you can't do human narration, synthetic speech is also possible, requiring one additional production step.


Hello all,

Thanks Olaf. I am aware of the DTB Types specified by the DAISY Standards. We are looking for a solution that would allow us to create content with synthetic speech but without the textual content i.e. audioNCX. We use DAISY Pipeline / TTS Narrator for this task. We have not found a way to configure Pipeline scripts/transformers to leave out the textual content. Before developing our own solution I would like to confirm whether there is no solution/workaround available.


Hello Iiro

you can do this using the open surce DAISY Book recording tool: Obi. See http://www.daisy.org/obi. You can import the full text full audio book produced by DAISY Pipeline into Obi. Obi will leave all text out and take the audio and the text of the headings. You can then save the book as DAISY 2.02 or DAISY 3 audio ncx only book.