A PipelineLite error message


A PipelineLite error message

I have encountered some rather strange problems with converting my documents to full daisy using MS add-in "save as daisy", though it might be a cross-tool problem (involving Amis as well).

I created a very basic English document (one title+text), validated it and then tried to convert it to full daisy.

When I clicked "translate" I received the following error message:

An unexpected error:

org.daisy.pipeline.core.script.datatype.DatatypeException: Input file 'C:\Documents and Settings\öîøú.CCC584EAC01D438\Application Data\Sonata\SingleNarrator.xml' does not exist.
at org.daisy.pipeline.core.script.datatype.FileDatatype.validate(FileDatatype.java:44)
at org.daisy.pipeline.core.script.JobParameter.setValue(JobParameter.java:74)
at org.daisy.pipeline.core.script.Job.setParameterValue(Job.java:142)
at org.daisy.pipeline.lite.PipelineLiteCLI.createJob(PipelineLiteCLI.java:195)
at org.daisy.pipeline.lite.PipelineLiteCLI.main(PipelineLiteCLI.java:103)

After displaying the message a PiplineLite menu opened up asking for :

(a)the Input DTbook (xml file)
(b)Output directory.

I tried to save the file as daisy xml (no audio) - and then enter that file's name in the Pipeline form. This seemed to work. But when I tried to view the book using Amis, I received an inverted English text:

instead of:
"When I got to the very end"

I received:
"dne yrev eht ot tog I nehW"

Strangely enough, the audio narration was ok.

I am using Win XP Sp3, Office 2007. My native language is Hebrew.



Dear Elana,

Give your XML an idea that it is supposed to be read right to left.
It's always the better idea to use the Pipeline when intending to use the narrator function.

Hit me with any obstacles you might run into when following above path.


Dear Olaf, thanks for your reply!

Obviously, I am a newbie, so please bear with me on this.. :-\

"Give your XML an idea that it is supposed to be read right to left".

I changed direction, and the text now looks and reads like English, thanks!

One remaining question, is there a way to get rid of the Pipeline error message, and the necessity to create an xml file prior to the full daisy conversion?

Many thanks,


Dear Elena,

Quite simply: no DAISY without XML. It's there where all the navigational features and mark-up are hidden.

To begin, make sure that all necessary software is properly installed (Save as DAISY and PIPELINE)(your error message seems to be hinting that something's missing there).

Best way to go about producing a DAISY book with these tools is described here:
Step one; create a DAISY XML (DTBook) from a Word document (But follow theses instructions only until Step 3):

Then take the XML you created and add audio with synthetic speech:

Now, if you follow those steps diligently, you shouldn't be getting any confusing messages...

Let me know how it goes

Thanks Olaf -

I will!



Olaf, many thanks!

I downloaded the Pipleline GUI, and followed your instrcutions and the translation process now works fine! Many thanks!

there is however a related point: I followed the same steps, but this time using Hebrew text.
The book was created successfuly, but there is one problem:

The text is aligned to the left, instead of to the right (even though it's "rtl" in the xml file).

Is there anything I can do to fix it? It might be an Amis-related problem, in which case I'll refer it to the Amis forum.



Dear Elana,

Lemme have a look
Pls send XML to
daisym (at) tters (dot) org

Rtl can be maddening at times...