DAISY Online Delivery Protocol


My client ask me to consume the API reference specify in Daisy online Delivery protocol.
( http://www.daisy.org/projects/daisy-online-delivery/drafts/20100402/do-spec-20100402.html#op_setReadingSystemAttributes )

Please explain the following

1. If we want to use the API references we need the API url. Other wise we have to set up the server. Then we need the files to set up the server.

2.How to consume this API references . explain with some example.

Manivasagan S.


Let me try to clarify: the "DAISY Online Delivery Protocol" is only the specification for a web service API, its objective is that service providers all implement the same API to have better interoperability between services and clients. As far as I know, there is no common implementation of the API though, each service provider has its own. If you want to use the API, you need to either develop a web service that implements the API, or contact an organization which implements the API and makes it available via a public URL. The DAISY Consortium only hosts the specification, it does not host a web service.

Regarding how to consume the API reference, I'm afraid I cannot help. I think the API is based on standard SOAP/WS-* technology, and there are many tutorials on the web on how to consume such APIs from many different languages.

Finally, note that this is the forum for the "DAISY Pipeline", which is not related to the "DAISY Online Delivery Protocol" whatsoever. Those are two different projects, and you will probably not get any help or support on the "DAISY Online Delivery Protocal" here, sorry. You can try and ask the question on the DAISY contact form: http://www.daisy.org/contact