Pipeline 20110317-RC released


A new release candidate of the DAISY Pipeline (version 20110317-RC) is now available for download.

The release includes:

  • improvements and bug fixes to several Pipeline scripts including the TTS Narrator, the DAISY 2.02 to DAISY 3 forward migrator, DTBook to DAISY 3 Text-Only, DTbook to LaTeX, PEF scripts
  • alignment of the TTS Narrator with the version embedded in the just-released "Save as DAISY" add-in for Office 2010 (2.5 Beta)
  • a new "DTBook to Translated Braille DTBook" script, which provides a basic integration of LibLouis in the Pipeline, contributed by Christian Egli and Bernhard Wagner (SBS). This is a beta version and has only been tested on Linux.
  • updated PEF-related scripts based on the Braille Utils library, by Joel Håkansson (TPB)

See the detailed release notes for more information.

Many thanks to all the contributors, testers and bug reporters!

Great release! I especially love the "forceXhtml" parameter in EPUB Creator. I also have a suggestion on a minor change in the Audio Tagger script. Preferably the input file browser should ask for *.*, or *.ncc files, not *.xml.