Error in Pipeline


Hello everybody,

While converting XML to DTB 3.0 text only, the below error appears. The file is valid. The error message is:

[SYSTEM] - !INFO! - Reading config file
[SYSTEM] - !INFO! - Filtering input file to collect data, and add @id's and @smilRef's
[SYSTEM] - !INFO! - Generating SMIL files
[SYSTEM] - !ERROR! - Can't open output SMIL file smilFile1.smil (file not found)

Can anybody suggest a solution

What flavor of the DTBook to DTB 3.0 text-only are you using ? The XSLT-based implementation or the other ?

Could you please send me the input DTBook document via email at rdeltour (at) gmail (dot) com ?


Not the XSLT based implementation. The other one. XML is emailed


I just checked and also get an error, but not the same. Mine was about duplicate metadata (dtb:multimediaType, dtb:multimediaContent, dtb:totalTime), which doesn't belong to the the DTBook (XML) document in the first place.

It worked fine when I commented out these metadata, but I'll try to fix the and handle this case automatically.

Anyway, I couldn't reproduce the "Can't open output SMIL file smilFile1.smil" error. Are you using the latest Pipeline version and latest patch ? Do you have all the read/write permissions on the output directory ?



I'm using Pipeline version 20100125 and the patch named yes i have all the rights on the output directory.


Ah. I'll try it again on another setup with a fresh install and will get back to you over email.


Ok Thanks!!