v Validation XML does not exist

I've encountered a strange error where everything appears to be fine up until the final stages of the process. I'm working in Word 2007 on a Vista machine, and when I try to save as full DAISY or DAISY XML, I get the error “Object reference not set to an instance of an object”. If I try to validate the file, I get the error “Validation XML does not exist”. I've tried removing and reinstalling the Save as DAISY plugin, but I continue to get the same results. All of the other features are working, it's just the most critical function that's holding me up. Any and all help is appreciated, please let me know if you need more data about my system or other particulars, and thanks in advance. Jayme Johnson

Hi Jayme, try clicking the icon that says: Import DAISY Styles Let us know if that doesn't work Regards Olaf

After finishing my document as per daisypedia videos when i clicked on Validate error msg appears "Validation XML does not exits. I checked for accessibility also I checked clicking on Import daisy styles button then clicking on validate still the same error appears. I am using word 2013 64 bit verison and daisy add-in for that. Everything else looks good.Please help. Operating system is windows 10. Thanks.

The error message you mentioned is not clear. Please send the word file you are trying to translate to me by email. I will be able to test and give you a resolution.

My email ID is pverma(at the rate)daisy.org.