Frequently Asked Questions - AMIS Language Support

Can the installer also be translated?

Yes, translating the text of the installer is possible (and easiest if the target language is included by default in NSIS). Note that the installer contains no audio.

Is AMIS available in my language?

All of the menu items, dialog boxes, buttons, spoken prompts, and help contents in AMIS can be translated. A complete translation is bundled as a language pack add-on and is distributed on our website. There is a growing collection of language packs for AMIS. Please check our languages download page for a current list.

Can AMIS read books in my language?

AMIS supports books in almost any language. The book must have been created using supported encodings. Right now, this includes UTF-8, ISO-8859-1, and (of course) ASCII. No matter what language AMIS itself is set to use in its user interface (buttons, dialogs, menus, etc), it can read books in almost any language.

I want to translate AMIS. How can I get started?

We really depend on volunteer contributions to create and maintain our translations of AMIS. Email us to volunteer as a translator.