Frequently Asked Questions - General Questions about AMIS

I'm a programmer and I want to learn about AMIS. Where should I start?

Read how to Build AMIS from source.

Can AMIS play books over the internet?

Yes, although it doesn't stream the books, it just downloads the data necessary to play each portion. Go to File, Open URL and enter the address of your book's NCC or OPF file. e.g.
Does AMIS support books with Math?

No; however AMIS supports fallback images associated with Mathematical expressions.

Will AMIS play Learning Ally / NLS / Bookshare books?

Learning Ally (formerly RFB&D) and NLS books are copy-protected and for that reason do not work in AMIS. books should work if they are formatted as valid DAISY/NISO 2005 books. Note that books formatted as DAISY/NISO 2002 are not supported in AMIS.

Can AMIS play HTML, MP3, or plain text files?

AMIS will only play DAISY books (which comprise many files that all work together to provide text, audio, and navigation). Playback of standalone HTML, MP3, and plain text is not supported.

Does AMIS run on Linux or Mac?

No, AMIS only runs on Windows.