Frequently Asked Questions - Software Projects

Is there a convention regarding file and folder names and the use of spaces?

DAISY project folders should contain no spaces, and that includes ALL folders in the project directory path, for example:


Also, the project filenames must contain no spaces. So when you are setting up a project watch out for these filenames:

  1. Project Name -- you key this in at the same time as you set the Project Path
  2. Markup Definition File (MDF) -- often the ''default.mdf'' is chosen, but if you were to create a new MDF, or select one that had been customized for a project, ensure there are no spaces in the filename.
  3. Source file (~.html ; ~.xml ; or ~.xhtml) -- these are the files you create in Structure Editor, another html, xml or xhtml editor.

When you are keying in the metadata (bibliographic information for the book) you may use spaces in the book title, author name, publisher, subject keywords, and NCC publisher, etc. These are not ''filenames'' so they may contain spaces.

You can use underscore or camel case in place of the spaces. Some people find the use of underscore easier to read.

Example of camel case: ThisIsAVeryLargeBook