Frequently Asked Questions - Tobi Accessibility

Is Tobi an accessible application ?
  • Tobi's user-interface is based on WPF (UI-Automation) and has been designed to function well with screen-readers. Tobi has been successfully tested with JAWS (version 9 minimum required), NVDA (which is free and open-source) and Windows' built-in Narrator.
  • Tobi features its own screen magnification. Because the application user interface is based on vector graphics, icons and other crucial elements (like the audio waveform display) remain crisp even zooming-in.
  • Every command in Tobi has a keyboard shortcut that is customizable using the application preferences dialog.
  • Tobi makes use of system colors so that Windows high-contrast themes are applied to the user-interface automatically. Tobi's application preferences can be customized with user-selected colors for advanced user-interface items like the audio waveform editor.