Frequently Asked Questions - DAISYpedia

Why use DAISYpedia and not the DAISY Consortium main website?

DAISYpedia provides instructional content (examples of best practices, tutorials, reference articles etc.) in one central location and over time, with contributions from the DAISY Community, it will evolve and become an extremely valuable information resource.

Who will benefit from DAISYpedia?

Everyone can benefit from the information provided in DAISYpedia, but the primary focus is on the following audiences - DAISY trainers, trainees, support staff, educators, assistive technology specialists.

I am a developer, how can I benefit from and contribute to DAISYpedia?

Developer contributions are always welcome. Helpful developer resources external from DAISYpedia include:

Active DAISY Project pages such as:

DAISY Pipeline 2




Google Groups pages such as:

DAISY Online Delivery

Google Code pages such as:

DAISY Pipeline 2


I represent a company which is a Friend of the DAISY Consortium. Can I promote our products/services?

Tutorials on how to use your products and services are welcome additions. However, DAISYpedia is not the place to promote your products or services. Please send us your product and service news to be included in the DAISY Marketplace and in the Tools and Services section of the DAISY Consortium website.