VitalSource Bookshelf App for Android: Quick Start Guide

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Bookshelf for Android is a free app from VitalSource for reading eTextbooks downloaded from participating libraries. EPUB files obtained from other sources can also be side loaded in the Bookshelf app. A VitalSource Bookshelf account is required to use the app. A new account can be created quickly free of cost after installing the app.

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The Bookshelf® for Android app can be installed on any tablet or phone running Android higher than version 4.

Bookshelf features allow:

  • Online and offline reading
  • Searching inside current book or across full library
  • Creating notes or highlights
  • Tapping on figures, viewing captions and pinching to zoom.
  • Syncing last page read and all notes as well as highlights between Android device and desktop or web-based Bookshelf apps.

Opening books

To open EPUB files in Bookshelf app, first transfer the files to your Android device using data cable, email, Dropbox or any other method. Then tap to open the EPUB file. From the list of available apps select Bookshelf. The EPUB file will be added to the Bookshelf app library.

Bookshelf for Android app user interface overview

When the app is opened for the first time, the user is prompted to input the VitalSource account email ID and password. Henceforth when the app is opened the user is presented the Library screen which lists all the books available for reading. The top toolbar has the "Main menu" button on the left, "Search" button on the right and "Library" and "Current book" buttons in the centre. Below this top toolbar there are controls to sort and filter the books available in the library. The bottom toolbar in the library view has the buttons to arrange the books in a grid or list.

When a book is opened for reading, the top toolbar remains same as described above. This allows quick access to the menu, library and search at all times. The name of the current book is displayed just below this top toolbar.

When the book is open, the bottom toolbar displays a number of buttons for navigation in the book. These include Go to Page, Figures panel, Table of Contents, Notebook and More options button. A scroll bar for quickly moving forward or backwards in the book is also available. The current page number is displayed in the bottom middle of the screen.

The top and bottom toolbar can be hidden or shown on the screen during book reading with a single tap on the screen.

Help and support

The user guide is built into the app. Tap on the "Main menu" icon in the top left of the app screen and then tap on "How to guide" to open it.

VitalSource provides support through different channels. More information is available on Bookshelf Support page.

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